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Website Design & Development

Searching for a reliable web design company? Look no further!  You have come to the right place. TygerOnline is a leading website design and development company.

Designs that Stand Out from the Crowd Creating great Designs that get Results

Did you know that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site if they’ve had a bad experience from a poorly designed or slow website. Forget even slow websites, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the page content does’t look nice. As you can see, design is an important part of creating the right first impression on visitors.

In that light, having a website for the sake of it won’t do your business much good.  What you need is a website that will create the right impression, boost conversions and help you grow your business.

That’s what the experienced team at TygerOnline can help you achieve.

Website Design and Development at Tygeronline

Web Design

With the right designers behind your company’s website, you will stand out from the crowd. There is no one size fits all method to web design and, that is why here at TygerOnline we take a personalized approach to every site that we build.

We create impressive websites that capture your brand and help achieve your goals. Our designs can be modern sleek looking sites or beautiful custom designed pages that are responsive and work on a variety of browsers and devices.  Designs are made to suit your business, helping you reach your target audience and meet your goals.

Web Development

Our websites are built in accordance with the latest and best technologies. Our offer is to provide you and your company with the most intelligent, creative and functional website you can afford. With a wealth of experience, we offer Web Development using the latest and best technologies to make web pages work on all devices and accessible to everyone. Our  team of developers have the technical skill and creative vision to build and develop websites that ensure your web presence stands out from the crowd.

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Design Steps What's involved

1. Let Us Understand Your Business

A meeting with one of our consultants will allow us to better understand your business goals that will then be reflected in the website project. We need to have a  clear understanding and be able to identify primary and potential audiences so we’re able to focus on the types of online visitors we need to target in the web design. Whether you are a new startup or have been in business for many years receiving our expert advise will be beneficial to bring your business to a new plateau.

The information gathered in the meeting will be used as a foundation of the new website build, thus ensuring it reflects your target audience and business strategy.

2. Research & Gather Content

Once we know who your website should speak to and what it should accomplish, it’s time to put words on the pages.

A brief conversation with one of our professional writers will help us develop a sense of your voice and what you want to say. We will then write unique content for each of your web pages, crafted specifically to support your business strategy.

3. Design & Development

With a thorough understanding of your business, your target audience, and your competition’s online presence, we will present a design concept specifically designed to increase your sales. We value your feedback and will work with you to create the look, feel, and functionality you envision.

Once a design concept is approved, we will build out the website using WordPress, giving careful attention to ease of use, browser compatibility, and search engine friendliness.

4. Review & Quality Assurance

After a thorough review and QA testing, your website will be ready to launch! The final product is not just an ordinary website; it’s one that is professional, functional, visually appealing, and a true representation of your company.

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