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Who We Are A little about us

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We are a boutique agency with over 100 years of combined experience leading and successfully delivering technology projects on-time and on-budget.

Our team is comprised of skilled technology staff with various degrees of experience in computer information systems, Electronics Engineering Technology, Microsoft trained and certified in networking security and hosting setup and configuration along with professional content writers to meet all your business needs.

Our management team is very much “hands on” in two complementary areas, “hardware and software ”. Our founders have done it all,  from the bench, repairing electronic circuit boards, installing telecommunication equipment in mines, to repairing and installing network equipment for HP,  and working for Apple,  repairing both PC’s and Apple computers.  As time progressed more hands on experience was developed, including database development, email and server management, web design, and web development.

The software expertise of our company, from the programming and management side, was the result of a active participation in a variety of technology backgrounds. Projects including new development, infrastructure, legacy applications, maintenance and enhancements with many different types of clients, including banking, retail, telecommunications and manufacturing to name only a few! 

Starting initially as a  junior programmer working on large development projects and moving quickly to systems analyst positions, followed by project leads, project manager and later reaching program manager roles that encompass managing multiple project managers at a time.

The combined experiences of our founders  were integrated to form “TygerOnline” consolidating  experience while  focusing their sights on web design, SEO and development.

With our team’s heavy experience in project management, every project (whether for website design, content writing, book publishing or search engine optimization) is assigned a project manager for the design, development or maintenance stages of the project.  Our Project Management Professionals (PMP) have been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This ensures project(s) are delivered on-time and on-budget, along with managing any changes during the development cycle. 

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Your Goals

Our Commitment

We work closely with each client. We dialogue with each client to gain insight and understanding of their business model and goals. Whether new website development, or existing website redevelopment, we strive on each project to increase online presence, increase search engine ranking while ensuring that all design or redesigns have desktop and mobile capability. Ease of use, functionality, security, updates, and maintenance are also addressed. As much or as little input as you may need, we focus on what we “KNOW” so that you and your team can “Focus” on what you know best!

We take pride in our work, and after  project completion and delivery, we monitor for  a full 30 days. Your in-house team at that point can take over or, if required we can continue after implementation has occurred. Our maintenance programs include backups, software updates including themes, plugins, security software  and so much more.

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The Details It's what we do best

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Projects Managed by Certified PMP Consultants

From Concept to Completion
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